amethyst jewelry

Sign of wealth and prosperity, Amethyst is the gemstone most commonly associated with healing properties. This violet gem would make an unforgettable gift for your loved ones born in February, or why not treat yourself with a gorgeous Amethyst jewelry. In this post, we compiled the most frequently asked questions about Amethyst.

Why is Amethyst called the sign of wealth?

Before the discovery of large deposits in Brazil, amethyst was a very valuable gemstone, in fact, it was as expensive as ruby. Since the purple dye was very expensive and rare in the past, only people of the higher class could afford it, which led amethyst to become the sign of wealth and prosperity.

What is the mystic background of amethyst?

Amethyst was generally associated with spirituality and spiritual healing. It is thought to control evil feelings and protect from witchcraft and spells. Name of the gemstone was derived from the Greek word "amethustos" which means not drunken. The reason behind this is that people believed amethyst prevented inebriation. As a result of this belief, goblets, glasses, and bowls made out of amethyst were very common in those times.

Is amethyst a durable gemstone?

Amethyst has a hardness rating of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it a relatively durable gemstone. While it is not very brittle, it is not the hardest either. You would not expect any problems in your daily life, but we recommend you to take off your amethyst jewelry while engaging in physical activity.

Which metals best suit amethyst?

We recommend metals such as White Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum for Amethyst. Necklaces and rings paired with Sterling Silver and Amethyst is a very popular birthday gift among young people.

How should I care for my amethyst jewelry?

Here are some recommendations for you to keep your amethyst jewelry in its gorgeous state:

-Keep your amethyst jewelry away from chemicals such as bleach and detergent.

-Wear your amethyst jewelry after applying skincare products, deodorants, and perfumes.

-Make sure you get your amethyst jewelry inspected by a jeweler once or twice a year. You may always seek help from our customer support.



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