garnet jewelry

This gorgeous gem's name was derived from the Latin word granatum, which means seed or grain. Also called the "Gem of Mercy", its name is a reference to the pomegranate fruit, whose seeds resemble some garnet crystals. Garnet jewelry is a great gift for your loved ones who were born in January. Our customer support receives a lot of question about garnets, so we wanted to compile these frequently asked questions about garnets.

Are garnets heat-treated or color enhanced?

Garnets naturally come with their beautiful red color, and unlike other gems, they do not need to be heat-treated to reach the desired color. Thanks to this abundance, almost all garnets on the marketplace are one-hundred-percent natural.

Is garnet a durable gemstone to wear?

Garnet has a rating of 6.5 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it a relatively durable gemstone. While it is not very brittle, it is not the hardest either. You would not expect any problems in your daily life, but we recommend you to take off your garnet jewelry while engaging in physical activity.

Which metals best suit garnet?

White Gold, Sterling Silver, and Platinum are great metal options if you would like to go for a contrast look. Yellow Gold would offer you a more vintage, Victorian look. While some people prefer Rose Gold to match garnet's red hue, we believe that it takes the attention away from the gemstone.

What is the history behind garnets?

First recorded use of garnets dates back to Ancient Egypt, where pharaohs and other religious leaders used wore garnet jewelry. The gemstone was also used to ornament statues and as decoration.

Where do garnets come from?

Some of the countries where garnet is mined are Brazil, India, Sri Lanka, China, and Thailand. India is the largest producer of Garnet in the world with 700,000 metric tons, and China takes the second place with 470,000 metric tons.



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