ruby jewelry

Ruby, the red variety of corundum, is a very mystical and a sought-after gemstone. Rubies held a very special place in many cultures throughout history. People have associated rubies with power. They believed that rubies radiated light from within, from its core. This gorgeous precious gemstone is a marvelous gift for your loved ones who were born in July. In this post, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about rubies.

Ruby is called a cardinal gemstone, what exactly are those?

Cardinal gemstones are the traditional name given to precious gemstones. These cardinal gemstones were used in religious and cultural ceremonies. In the Hindu culture, the Kalpa Tree, a tribute offered to gods, had rubies as its fruits. They believed that they would be reincarnated as kings if they worshipped Krishna with kings.

Where does ruby's red color come from?

Rubies get their gorgeous red color from the trace amounts of chromium found in their chemical structure. Rubies were named after the Latin word "rubeus" which means red.

Are rubies durable?

Just like its cousin sapphire, ruby has a hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes them quite durable.

Which metals best suit rubies?

Ruby is a versatile gemstone which gains a different characteristic on each metal. White Gold, Silver and Platinum gives a more contemporary look. Yellow gold and ruby, on the other hand, looks more vintage and Victorian. People who want the gemstone and metal to complement each other prefer ruby on rose gold.



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