diamond shape

round shape diamond


Round: Round cut is the most popular diamond shape, and it is regarded to be the signature cut of a diamond. Round cut brings out the marvelous brilliance, and fire of a diamond. Diamonds of higher quality should be preferred in order to maximize the brilliance of a round cut diamond.

princess shape diamond


Princess: Princess cut is the second most preferred diamond shape after round cut. It owes its popularity to the extraordinary brilliance which it radiates. Unlike other diamond shapes, where the color is mainly displayed in the center, a princess shape diamond also displays distinct colors in its corners. Princess cut diamonds may come in both rectangular and square shapes.

marquise shape diamond


Marquise: A Marquise cut diamond maximizes carat weight and looks larger due to its unique shape. Its shape also makes the finger look longer and thinner. However, the wearer should be careful, since the sharp edges of a marquise cut make the diamond prone to chipping.

 emerald shape diamond


Emerald: The inclusions are more apparent in an emerald cut diamond compared to other diamond shapes. This shape was first developed for cutting emeralds, hence the name emerald cut. They are generally preferred for their classic look, and their ability to make the wearer's fingers look thinner.

 pear shape diamond


Pear: A pear-shaped diamond is the mixture of marquise and round shapes, and it resembles a water drop. Pear shaped diamonds are cut to produce optimum brilliance. While wearing, the narrow end should point to the wearer's hand. Since their narrow end is prone to chipping, they are held with a prong at that point.

 oval shape diamond


Oval: The elongated shape of an oval cut diamond makes the gem appear larger compared to other shapes with the same carat weight. Oval shaped diamonds are generally used as the center stone for engagement rings. Their exceptional shape makes oval cut diamonds great at hiding inclusions and blemishes of a diamond.

 heart shape diamond


Heart: The ultimate symbol of love, heart-shaped diamonds are a great choice If you are looking for a unique gift for your loved ones. The popularity of the heart shape diamond has risen drastically in the recent years.

 Baguette shape diamond


Baguette: Baguette cut is a part of the "step-cut" family alongside the emerald cut. Even though emerald and baguette shaped diamonds may look similar at first, a baguette cut diamond only has 14 facets while an emerald cut may have 50 to 58 facets. Baguette shaped diamonds are generally used as accent stones to complement other diamond cuts.



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