diamond features

4Cs of Diamond

4Cs of Diamond

There are four factors which determine a diamond's value: carat, clarity, color, and cut. These four factors are also known as the 4Cs. This guide will assist you in choosing the perfect ring for you or your loved ones. Everyone has a different taste in diamonds, just like in lifeā€¦

diamond overview

Diamond Overview

Diamond is one of the most famous and sought-after gemstones. It has dazzled humanity for thousands of years, and it has been adored for its allure throughout history. Diamond is the only gemstone known to be composed of a single element, which is carbon...

diamond Genuine vs Counterfeit

Genuine vs Counterfeit

If you have bought a diamond from an untrustworthy seller, and questioning if the diamond is genuine or not, this guide will provide you with some simple steps which you may follow to test the diamond's authenticity...

Diamond Shapes

Round cut is the most popular diamond shape, and it is regarded to be the signature cut of a diamond. Round cut brings out the marvelous brilliance, and fire of a diamond. Diamonds of higher quality should be preferred in order to maximize the brilliance of a round cut diamond...

Diamond in Mytholgy

Diamond in Mytholgy

The history of diamonds is believed to have started in India, the country where it was first mined. The Sanskrit word used to describe a diamond was Vajra which meant thunderbolt. The Hindus have associated diamonds with thunderbolts because they believed that a diamond...