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bangle bracelets

Bangle Bracelet

Bangle Bracelets have a long history which dates back all the way to 2000 BC. In many archeological sites of the Indian Subcontinent, bangle bracelets made out of seashells, agate, and metals such as gold and copper were excavated. Bangles have a prominent place in the Indian culture and Hinduism, as a matter of fact, the name bangle was derived from the Hindi word "bungri" which means glass. It was a tradition for newlywed brides to wear bangles made out of glass, and after all of them broke, it meant the end of the honeymoon.

Bangles hold a very special place in many cultures and in people's jewelry boxes to this day. The modern bangle bracelet has two types. One of which is a solid bracelet which doesn't bend or flex and the other has a spring mechanism which opens and closes. In middles eastern countries, solid bangle bracelets made from high karat gold are still very common wedding gifts given to the bride by the groom's family and guests of the wedding.

The traditional bangles were generally made from solid gold, platinum or silver. Modern bangles, however, are generally complemented with gemstones. Our bangle collection features bracelets ornamented with gemstones and solid bracelets without gems.

Due to their symbolism, bangles make great birthday and anniversary gifts. You may browse our customizable bangle collection and create the perfect gift with diamonds with both round and fancy cuts, precious gemstones, semi-precious gemstones, and zirconia. As for metal options, we offer gold with yellow, white, and rose colors, silver, and platinum.

Bangle bracelets are great in both formal and informal settings. With the correct gemstone and metal, you may create a bangle which will go well with both casual and professional clothing.

chain bracelets

Chain Bracelets

Unlike bangle bracelets, chain bracelets are not held together with a solid piece of metal. Instead, they feature chains made from gold, silver or platinum. Chain bracelets are adored for their versatility and chicness. Chain bracelets may be combined with casual jeans and t-shirts when going out with friends or with a suit when going to work.

Chain bracelet models ornamented solely with diamonds or diamond and sapphire, ruby, emerald combinations are great for formal settings. Colorful combinations such as tourmaline and citrine will make a fabulous addition to your summer dress.

Damalys Diamond's chain bracelet designs are ornamented with gemstones and feature both colorful combinations and elegant models. Damalys Diamond's customization feature lets you create the perfect chain bracelet to complement your chicness.



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