Buying an Engagement Ring

The time has come! You have planned everything thoroughly and in detail. Now it has come to buying the engagement ring. The ring buying process scares many people as they get lost in the jargon of the sector. But if you follow these simple steps, you will see that it is not something to be afraid of and you do not have to be an expert gemologist to buy the perfect ring.

Measuring Her Finger Size

If she wears a ring already, you're in luck. You can "steal" her ring when she takes it off when going to bed, and measure her ring with the printable ring size guide. If not, then you may have to improvise a little bit. But no need to worry, you may always request for a free ring size change from us, if the ring didn't fit.

Choosing the Ring

Now it has come to choose the correct style and gemstone. While it all comes down to personal preference and taste, it wouldn't hurt to learn about some of the basics. If you would like to study gemstones in detail you may check out our gemstone guides. When it comes to style, you can't go wrong with a Diamond Solitaire Ring. It is aesthetically pleasing, elegant and classic. New couples who admire intricate handwork prefer Pave, Eternity, and Halo rings. For gemstones, Diamonds, Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald is a safe bet. You may also prefer the birthstone of your loved one. It is believed that people subconsciously get attracted to their birthstone. If you can't choose, don't forget that our customer support is always here to answer your questions, never hesitate to contact them.

Choosing a Jewelry Box

Generally, when buying an engagement ring you are also required to buy a matching jewelry box. However, Damalys Diamond's gorgeous jewelry box makes this obsolete. You no longer need to worry about buying a jewelry box.



Express your eternal love.


Stand out from the rest with unique and distinctive designs.


Modern times call for exquisite rings.


Sought-after throughout history.


Nature's Miracle.


Simple but elegant ring styles

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