Earring Styles

History of Earrings

Earrings have a history which dates back to the ancient civilizations. Interesting enough, the first recorded earring had belonged to a man. This man was the Sumerian king. The Egyptian monuments depict cats with hoop earrings. In those ages, earrings symbolized royalty. The earring styles in those times featured basic shapes. During the Roman Empire, however, the flower design was introduced to the earring styles. Their advanced goldsmithing abilities may be observed from the earrings they have crafted. Gold was the most preferred metal for earrings mainly due to its association with the sun.

Earrings also hold customary and religious importance in many cultures. It was long believed that earring would prevent diseases and protect the wearer from harm and gossip. Earrings with crescent and half-moon styled earring were quite popular in the middle east.

pearl earring

Pearl Earrings

During the Rennaissance era, women adored pearl earrings. Pearl earrings were very popular among the high-class families. Many people believed in the healing properties of gemstones, and pearl was one of the gems which supposedly held restorative powers.

The spread of earrings with gemstones, such as topaz, have begun in the 17th century. Later on, diamonds were introduced to the scene, and they have changed everything.

Pearl earrings are preferred by people who adore the elegance and artistic nature of this marvelous gem. Damalys Diamond offer pearl earrings in three colors: white, black, and pink. The classic white pearl is treasured by many. They are generally ornamented with diamond or colored gemstones. You may pair a diamond white pearl earring with a black nightdress to create a contrasting look.

The other two pearl colors; pink pearl and black pearl also receive increased attention nowadays. Just like white pearl, they may also be ornamented with diamonds or colored gemstones to create a distinctive look. Pearl earrings are a great birthday or anniversary gift for your loved ones who were born in June.

Earring designs have come a long way ever since. The wide range of earring styles makes them great birthday and anniversary gifts. There is an earring design which appeals to everyone's style. Pearls, chains, solitaires...

solitaire earring

Solitaire Earrings

Solitaire earrings feature a single gemstone in the middle. You may find solitaire earrings with round or fancy cut diamonds or colored gemstones. Solitaire earrings are great for people who adore the elegance of simplicity. They deliver a strong message symbolizing your independence and confidence. You may customize our solitaire earrings with a wide range of gemstones and five metals.

Solitaire earrings are very versatile. They go well in both formal and informal settings. They may be combined with a nightdress when going out to dinner in a fancy restaurant. Or with t-shirts and jeans when hanging out with friends. They also look very professional when combined with suits.

chain earring

Chain Earrings

Chain earrings are an excellent choice for those who seek a classic earring with a contemporary touch. As the name suggests they feature a chain hanging from the ear. Chain earrings are great for formal settings where there is a dress code such as business meetings or interviews. Diamond on white gold and makes a very formal and professional combination.

fashion earring

Fashion Earrings

Fashion earrings are an excellent option for those who seek a unique earring with chic hints. Our fashion earring collection features a wide range of customizable jewelry. The distinct designs and the spectrum of gemstones will let you create an earring for both formal and informal settings.

Damalys Diamond fashion earrings collection features designs with both large and smaller gemstones. You may find fashion earrings in both round gemstones and fancy cut gemstones. Fashion earrings with heart cut diamonds are getting especially popular nowadays.

If you are having troubles choosing a gemstone for your earring, you may always contact our customer service and ask for their opinion. If you want to surprise your loved ones on their birthdays on anniversaries, a fashion earring with her birthstone would make a great gift.



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