Eternity & Plain Rings

eternity ring

Eternity Rings

Eternity Engagement Ring, which is also known as an Infinity Ring, symbolizes the eternity of love and the circle of life. The first examples of eternity rings were recorded in Ancient Egypt. The source of their inspiration was "Ouroboros", an illustration of a snake absorbing its tail.

There are many different occasions where an Eternity Engagement Ring can be gifted. While they have gained popularity as wedding bands, eternity engagement rings are customarily given to the bride after the marriage. Recently, it has become a custom to gift an engagement ring to the bride after bringing a child into the world.

The eternity rings signify the bonding of two souls and they may come in many different gemstones and shapes. While diamond and gold eternity rings are preferred by many people, eternity rings with contrasting color hues are also on the rise.

If you are having problems choosing a gemstone for your loved one, you can never go wrong with a diamond or her birthstone. You may find a great deal of information about birthstone on our blog.

plain ring

Plain Rings

Damalys Diamond's plain style rings are great for minimalistic people who want to express themselves. Damalys Diamond's customization option lets you customize our plain rings with silver, gold, colored gold and platinum. You may find various plain ring designs which will complement your chicness.

If you are also one of the people who prefer the classic look of a ring and they acknowledge that a ring does not need a gemstone to be exquisite. Damalys Diamond Plain Engagement Rings are the perfect choice for those with a pure taste in life. You may choose between Silver, Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Platinum to build the perfect Plain Engagement Ring. Damalys Diamond offers Plain Rings in 10K, 14K, and 18K purity options.



Express your eternal love.


Stand out from the rest with unique and distinctive designs.


Modern times call for exquisite rings.


Sought-after throughout history.


Nature's Miracle.


Simple but elegant ring styles

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