Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are some of our most valued possessions. They symbolize our unity and eternal love. The history of wedding rings date back to the first ages of recorded history.

History of Wedding Rings

In Ancient Egypt, couples exchanged wedding rings made from reeds. Naturally, they weren't very durable and were eventually replaced with harder materials such as leather and ivory. The value of the material also displayed the wealth of the person who has given the ring. The Egyptians believed that the circle shape symbolized eternity because it neither has a beginning nor an end.

Metal wedding rings were introduced during Ancient Rome, where the groom gave an iron ring to his to-be wife. The tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand originated here. Ancient Romans and Greeks believed that the love vein (vena amoris) was located there. Since many people are right-handed, the left hand was selected instead of right because they believed that the ring would be less likely to get damaged.

Men's Wedding Rings

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Until not so long ago, wedding rings were generally only worn by women. During WWII, however, soldiers stationed far from their home wore their wedding rings to express their commitment and remember their wives. In modern days, men's wedding rings come in various shapes and styles, even with gems! Silver, platinum and yellow gold are the most popular metal options for men's wedding rings. Diamonds are also very popular in men's wedding rings just like women's.

Women's Wedding Rings

Women's wedding rings come with a large scale of gemstone and metal options. Gold and diamond have turned into the go-to combination for wedding rings. Some people, however, prefer something more colorful and opt for silver and platinum combined with colored gemstones.

We created a small guide which you can follow when shopping for a wedding ring. This guide will give you some tips on buying a wedding ring for you and your partner.

How to choose a wedding ring?

We should all accept that choosing something which symbolizes your love and commitment and something you will wear for a lifetime is no easy task. You will have to dig through many models to find the ring that appeals to both your and partner's taste. Bride's and groom's rings should complement each other. You will surely find the piece that suits your taste in Damalys Diamond's vast Wedding Ring Collection.

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First of all, you should choose the material and color. 950 Platinum is very popular among the contemporary wedding ring designs, and it pairs well with high color grade diamonds. Due to its symbolization of wealth and prosperity, Yellow Gold has long been a favored option in Wedding Rings throughout history. White and Rose Gold have gained immense popularity for those who want a gold ring but prefer a different color than yellow.

Silver is a good option for those who prefer affordable, yet appealing rings. If you are also going to wear another ring such as a Solitaire, Three Stone, Five Stone, or an Eternity Ring in addition to your wedding ring, we generally advise our customers to choose a matching color.

The next step should be deciding on whether your Wedding Ring will have gems on it or not. Damalys Diamond offers wedding rings with Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire gemstones, and wedding rings without gemstones.

Your wedding ring will be your lifelong companion, and you will wear it while exercising, driving, going to work, and on many different occasions. So make sure that you choose a ring which will not cause you discomfort while performing these daily activities.

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