rose gold

rose gold

Gold has been one of the most sought after metals throughout human history. Its rarity and unique properties led gold to be used as a currency for many centuries. Gold's usage in jewelry also dates back to the very early ages of human history. Other gold colors such as rose and white gold have also become very popular in recent years. This post will answer some of the questions most people wonder about rose gold.

FAQs About Rose Gold

Does pure rose gold exist in nature?

No, pure rose gold in nature doesn't exist. It is created by mixing pure yellow gold and a red-colored metal such as copper. Copper also increases the hardness of gold in addition to giving the rose color. Thanks to the strength of copper, rose gold is more durable than yellow or white gold.

Why should I choose rose gold?

Rose gold carries a romantic meaning for some, due to its reddish color we presume. Other than that rose gold complements every skin tone and it looks great with gemstones of any color. Its durability is also an important factor for some.

Will my rose gold jewelry lose its color?

Over many years, your rose gold may appear slightly more reddish and gain a more vintage look. This process doesn't happen quickly, it usually takes many years. Many people appreciate the darker red color the rose gold acquires through usage over many years, they believe that it gives the jewelry a unique appearance.



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