White Gold

white gold

Gold has been one of the most sought after metals throughout human history. Its rarity and unique properties led gold to be used as a currency for many centuries. Gold's usage in jewelry also dates back to the very early ages of human history. Other gold colors such as rose and white gold have also become very popular in recent years. This post will answer some of the questions most people wonder about white gold.

FAQs About White Gold

Does white gold occur naturally?

No, white gold in nature doesn't exist. It is created by mixing pure yellow gold and a silver-colored metal such as silver or palladium. These metals also increase the hardness of gold in addition to giving the silver color. White gold is also coated by rhodium to increase the overall color and hardness.

Does white gold lose its color over time?

The rhodium coating around white gold jewelry needs to be replaced every few years. This is an easy process which many jewelers do for a low price. Damalys Diamonds provides this service free of charge. You may always contact us if your white gold jewelry is starting to show a yellow color.

Should I choose yellow or white gold?

It all comes down to personal preference. We recommend white gold for higher color grade diamonds and for those who want the gemstone to stand out. Yellow gold gives a vintage look which many people adore and it requires less care considering that white gold requires a rhodium coating once every few years. All in all, we love them all! Try them all and see which one caters to your taste.



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