Yellow Gold

yellow gold

Gold has been one of the most sought after metals throughout human history. Its rarity and unique properties led gold to be used as a currency for many centuries. Gold's usage in jewelry also dates back to the very early ages of human history. Other gold colors such as rose and white gold have also become very popular in recent years. This post will answer some of the questions most people wonder about yellow gold.

FAQs about yellow gold?

Is yellow gold used in jewelry pure?

It is highly uncommon to find pure or 24K gold jewelry since gold in its pure form is too soft to be used in jewelry. Due to this, pure gold is mixed with harder metals to be used in jewelry. You may commonly encounter gold jewelry in 10,14, and 18K. These numbers represent the content of pure gold in a jewelry product. For example, 18K means 18 parts out of 24 is pure gold, 14K means 14 parts out of 24 is pure gold, and so on.

What are the advantages of yellow gold over other gold colors?

The greatest advantage of yellow gold over white and rose gold is the ease of maintenance. White gold, for example, requires a rhodium coating once every few years. Such a process is not required for yellow gold since it doesn't have a coating. Its hypoallergenic property also makes yellow gold a great choice for those with sensitive skin. While it is rare, due to the copper content of rose gold, some people may experience skin rashes or some allergic reactions. Yellow gold's unique color also makes it a very popular and timeless choice.

How should I care for my yellow gold?

While yellow gold requires less maintenance than other gold colors, high karat yellow gold may get scratched and dented more easily. Which is why we recommend a lower karat if you aim to engage in physical activities while wearing your ring. We recommend you to eye check your yellow gold jewelry frequently and contact us if you encounter any dents or scratches.



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