Precious Gemstone


Emerald Education

Classified as a precious gemstone, emerald is the green variety of the beryl mineral. This captivating green gem forms in the crust of the Earth where its chemical components, silicon, aluminum, beryllium, and oxygen are found. The fact that emeralds are actually remnants of the geological events which have occurred millions of years ago is quite fascinating...

sapphire education

sapphire education

Sapphires have been held dear for hundreds of years. It is believed that Ancient Romans were one of the first civilizations in history that have shaped sapphires to wear them as jewelry. Due to their dazzling blue color, many ancient cultures have associated sapphires with mystical powers. In the middle ages, various religious leaders wore sapphires to symbolize heaven and eternal happiness...

ruby education

Ruby education

The name of this dazzling red gem comes from the Latin Rubeus which means red. Due to its astonishing luster, people used to believe that ruby had an inner fire, and it radiated light from within. According to legends, Ruby is the most valuable gemstone among the 12 others God has created...